The Diary of captain fatguts

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

HOLY SHIT!!! Where do you get the pants to match ;)

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Back to the four letter word...

Back at work after 2 weeks with my new daughter (Heaven), now the daily grind is killing me.

I think the time off has motivated me to change my job and do it myself and GET A LIFE!!

DVDOG here I come ;)))

Watching the new advert for the new VW Golf just emphasis the fact that our thinking and creativity is becoming more and more androgynous.

Our models are neither men or women but an amalgamation of the two, our cars are starting to all look the same (with basically the logos the difference) and the same goes for our food.

Is our creativity being eroded by the normalization of of society?
Are we content just to be told what we are?

Looking back a couple of years, the creative spark was alive and well but just has recently started to wane.

Any wonder our society is up the creek without a paddle...we are creating a generation of averages not exceptions.


Thursday, October 07, 2004

What has happened to the people of Friends of the Regent Theatre?

I went to a meeting full of enthusiasm but now they havn't contacted me again.

I think when the idea of trying to raise the 4 million to buy the property cam up and I got all inthusiasic with the idea that yes we can raise the cash, that everyone took me for a nut!!

Please contact me again.......this time I'll calm it down a bit.........Bugger it, it's 4 mill or BUST!!!

There must be a company or companies willing to buy ideas?

I have amazng ideas but I lake the opportunities, motovation, partner to make these a reality.

After reading so much marketing mumbo jumbo and studying it at University, I'm sure I'm going down the right track, but without the sugardaddy to set me up, what can I do.

Seth has it right whaen he says that ideasa are a dime a dozen but putting them into action is the real test of success.